Freelance Flow


Breaking into freelancing is harder than ever. The market is increasingly flooded with people who use AI to churn out subpar work at bottom of the barrel prices. But this sort of content can only get clients so far.

There are plenty of clients out there searching for writers, designers, social media managers, and more who produce top quality work for fair prices—but how do you find them?

Freelance Flow is a newsletter that shares leads for creative work Monday and Wednesday. We search for leads on social media so you don't have to. After almost a year of issues, we've made a big difference in many freelancers' lives.

“I just have to thank you so so much. I got hired from one of your posts that you shared about copywriting projects. Biggest pay to date also. I appreciate it SO much. I would have never found nor gotten the job without you.” —Allison T.

“In a dry season in January, I looked forward to your roundups every day. This is so special and helpful to creatives who need it!” —Juliet P.

“I’ve found your posts soooo useful! I already got two gigs from them.” —Muriel V.

We've also come to the realization that $10 a month may be out of reach for some of the people who need the most help getting their freelance business off the ground. So, we've rolled out alternative payments options for as low as $1 per month.

With a paid subscription, you get access to exclusive issues of Freelance Flow on Mondays. Over time, these issues will include tips and tricks for freelancers.

If you can't afford a paid subscription, subscribe to the creator profile for Freelance Flow's founder, Brianna Graham. This subscription includes free issues of Freelance Flow on Wednesdays.

Happy freelancing! We're rooting for you! 🤗